Stitches out…..Carboplatin in……..

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Had a busy 2 week ampuversary today! The stitches came out – one more goal achieved- and had the first dose of chemo. Didn’t feel up to a “Frosty paws” treat after the chemo, but was up for some roast beef slices and that good ole Velveta tonight! Going to try “weaning” the Gabapentin, going from 300mg to 200mg per Dr. V. Keeping our fingers crossed those phantom episodes are gone for good! What an exhausting day – looking forward to a great night’s sleep!

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5 thoughts on “Stitches out…..Carboplatin in……..”

  1. Congratulations on the ampuversary, the suture removal, the successful chemo and the snacks!

    We had no phantom limb pain, but I did read up on it here (I was scared!) and remember at least one person said it lasted over a month with their dog. I hope Lucky tolerates the Gabapentin reduction and that’s all over and done with, too.

    We celebrated Dakota’s 2-week ampuversary the day after with pizza! So maybe the Frosty Paws will be well-received tomorrow!

    Shari and Dakota

  2. Gabepentin is a great drug and they can stay on it quite awhile. We also take amiltriplyene and that helps with on going pain which Zip will have all her life with the way her back twists when she walks now. Zip is 13 almost 14 so we have old lady issues also but between those drugs and the adequan twice a month she does okay. See her blog for other things we do. We also have a tripawd kitten who had phantom pain but he got over it without too much medication.
    We also froze chicken broth and made frozen cupcakes out of chicken that had gone through the blender. Seems like the cold stuff helps them feel better.
    Now that Zip has had 7 doses of carbo we see a pattern to how she is going to feel. I really suggest you keep a daily journal for a couple of months so you know that on a certain day, whenever it is, [for us it was 10-14 and then again at day 21 that she had a low time] your dog might have a bad day or be real tired. It helps to take some of the fear and worry out of the procedure though there still is enough to go around! We could only have the carbo every 4 weeks because her blood dropped twice and that isn’t all that unusual in some dogs.
    Good luck to you and keep on this website for encouragement and practical suggestions.

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