Day 16 – 48 hours post chemo – It’s all good!

A big sigh of relief that the first 48 hours post Carboplatin went smoothly – great appetite, no GI problems!  Still resting a lot and loves to lie in the garden/woodchips!!! (Must be that connection with nature that many others have described). Seeing more of Lucky’s “old” personality every day!  Nice to know from others that he may experience a couple of “energy dips” between chemo doses – it’s so helpful to know what to expect!  He’s scheduled to have a WBC check in 7 days – we’re told that is usually when the biggest drop occurs.  Looking forward to a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Day 16 – 48 hours post chemo – It’s all good!”

  1. Lucky Lucky!

    Breathing a big sigh of relief right along with ya, boy! I think you deserve some bacon.

    Shari and Dakota

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