2 month ampuversary!

Well – 2 months plus 2 days! It’s hard to believe it’s only been 2 months since Lucky’s surgery. He is doing absolutely great! He had his third dose of Carboplatin last week – no side effects for any of the doses. His hair is almost all grown in, and he is happily hopping and running on a daily basis. He will have his follow up chest x-ray with his 4th dose of chemo on May 4 – keeping our fingers crossed! It is so amazing to see the progress after those first couple of tough tough weeks. Lucky is on no medication at all (has been off everything for quite a while). He made an appearance at the relay for life on the UCSD campus this past weekend (unofficial visit – no dogs allowed on the track) and was very happy to see all the wonderful work being done towards finding cures for cancer!

6 thoughts on “2 month ampuversary!”

  1. Lucky, you are one awesome dude! So happy to hear you’re doing well, and congrats on your 2 Month Ampuversary! Keeping our fingers and paws crossed for a great report on May 4!

  2. Great news, Lucky. We are jealous that your hair is back… Rio still has stubble-butt and we’re just past two months. Glad to hear the chemo isn’t too ruff on you.

    Way to go!


  3. Hurray, Lucky (and Lucky’s people). Keep up the great work and Hogan and I will be keeping our paws crossed for a great report on May 4.

  4. Hoppy! Hoppy! Hoppy Ampuversary!!!!

    Who made that dumb rule about no dawgs on the track? Silly humans. Glad you were there to show ’em who’s boss!

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