Great news, long overdue!

Hi all, this news is a few weeks overdue, but Lucky had his most recent chest x-rays on December 16th, and his lungs were still completely clear! We feel so lucky to have had this amazing result and hope that Palladia, which has been a miracle drug for Lucky, also works just as well for others out there! This visit to Dr. V was especially exciting since, with 6 months of clear lungs, we will be going off Palladia in a couple of weeks. We’re very excited to get Lucky off drugs, because even though he hasn’t experienced many side effects at all, it seems like the Palladia does make him a little bit tired sometimes. We’re also crossing our fingers that we won’t see anything come back up after Lucky stops his drugs.

We’re almost 11 months post-surgery, and every single day we’re reminded how lucky we are to have our best friend with us, and going strong! Here’s to another great year with Lucky ahead!

7 thoughts on “Great news, long overdue!”

  1. lucky – woo hoo!! we are so happy for you, nothing like clear films to give us a reason to celebrate!!! keep up the great work!!!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  2. That is the most pawesome news! Dr. V. is great.

    Unfortunately the Palladia didn’t work for us, but we are still hoping for good things from the Masitinib.

    Keep it up, Lucky!
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  3. You are one Lucky dog! Great news that the Palladia is working so well for you. We are almost 11 months out, too, so you must be another one of the February Furballs (Rio, Dakota Dawg and Bud are all members)!!!

    Micki and Rio

  4. Wow Lucky, I’ve wondered where you’ve been! Now I see that you are feeling well and busy enjoying life, which is exactly as it should be. And Micki is right–I remember you were right behind us on this journey, so welcome to the February Furballs! We have no official slogan or anything (yet) but give us time. Please keep having fun, Lucky. And tell your folks to let us know how you’re getting along down the road.


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