Not exactly like the 12 days of Christmas!

Lucky’s slowly but surely making his way closer to the 2 week mark!  It’s nice to see hair starting to grow back – hopefully it won’t get in the way too much when the stitches are removed in 2 days.  Gabapentin is still keeping him pain free which is fantastic!  He seems to be getting a little stronger every day – on his walk tonight he didn’t lie down in the neighbor’s yard to take a little rest on the way back – he even had a little “jog” going on for the trip back home!  He’s only going a couple of blocks, but he seems very excited to be getting out and about.  I think someone else talked about the virtue of patience in their blog – it really does take a big dose!  You want so much to see them back to their “old self” that it’s sometimes difficult to slow down and appreciate each small step forward.  Still loving the Velveta!!!!!!!!

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