Day 10 status update

Not a whimper of pain since starting on the Gabapentin 300mg the evening of day 7! (Velveeta worked like a charm for the second evening in a row – what a relief!) One thing we just thought about today – it sounds like some dogs have experienced leaking and oozing from their incision sites.  Lucky’s incision was closed with sutures (versus staples) and he has experienced no leaking at all!  The incision looks great, and the sutures are scheduled to come out on day 14 (when he goes in for his first chemo treatment).  He went out for a couple of short walks today which he really seemed to enjoy, and went up the stairs (12 steps) to the second floor  tonight without any trouble!  Lucky is still sleeping a fair amount and not quite back to his happy-go-lucky personality, but we are thankful he is now comfortable and making progress each day.  It is so helpful and reassuring to read through everyone’s experiences!  Thank you to everyone!

3 thoughts on “Day 10 status update”

  1. Isn’t Velveta great? Mom said she should have bought stock in Kraft cause we use so much. She said remember to also give a little bit without pills with Luckys regular “good dog” treats so if he ever does get a taste of pill once, he still still associate the cheese with a treat the next time. Its worked on Monkeydog Sam for 13 years now. He starts drooling when he hears cheese wrapper.

    So glad the Gabapentin worked!

  2. We’re celebrating here on Lucky’s behalf because we’ll celebrate anything, including pees and poops. But it really is great to hear how much better he’s doing since getting the right pain relief. We ask an awful lot of our dogs and they can’t tell us how they feel. Trying to keep it from hurting is the least we can do. And what’s up with a vet who takes your money and ditches your phone calls? That ain’t right!

    You mentioned the new Ruffwear harness that Spirit Indi sent to Dakota. His stitches were out Monday but I wouldn’t hestitate to use it with the stitches, just with a t-shirt on first. We did have a harness that I used at first, but it was nowhere nearly as nice and padded as this one. So if you think Lucky would benefit from a harness now, just put a shirt on him and keep the front strap loose.


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