A brand new day!

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Today was SO MUCH BETTER than yesterday! Lucky was energetic, playful, and ready to go! We got fed up with being unable to get ahold of his oncology people, so we took Jerry’s advice and changed to VCG. We called them yesterday and they had talked to the vet, called back, and made an appointment for us for the next day within an hour or so (in contrast to the other people we were using who we called at 9:00AM and didn’t hear back from the entire day). We met with the oncologist today and he took a long time with us to explain everything. He really seemed to care about Lucky, so that was awesome. I think Lucky’s going to participate in a clinical trial where he does 4 doses of carboplatin, followed by piroxicam, cyclophosphamide, and palladia. The palladia is the “trial” part, and from what I’ve read it sounds pretty promising, so we’re excited about that.

Another thing that got us excited today was that Lucky ate dog food for the first time since his surgery!!! He ate an entire scoop out of his dog bowl (his normal dinner is 1 1/2 scoops)! And he was running around at the vet and outside for a little bit, so that was nice to see, although I made sure he didn’t go too hard. Also, Lucky and I have a routine now where I take him to sit out in the front yard with me for a couple of hours every day and watch the people go by. He really seems to enjoy it a lot, I think because he’s sick of being cooped up in the house all day. As a matter of fact, it’s really hard to convince him to come back in the house. Today I had to carry him in, because he did not want to budge (he actually pulled back on his leash to keep me from moving him!).

Anyway, Lucky is pooped now. He’s laying down at my feet sleeping like a baby. It’s very cute! Thanks again for all of your help. I know I say it every time, but I can’t express my gratitude enough!

Lucky's knocked out from his action-filled day!

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5 thoughts on “A brand new day!”

  1. Way to go Lucky! Glad you found a vet that is responsive and caring (and returns phone calls) Daisy cannot wait to be able to lay out in ther front yard. They are forecasting another 12″ of snow tommorow 🙁

  2. Go, Lucky, go! Yesterday was a big *score* for you! Found a doctor who likes you and wants to help you, got info on a trial that might keep you strong, sat outside girl-watching, were strong enough to tell Jeff to bug off, then napped furiously! So good to see!

    Shari and Dakota

  3. Dr. V. is great. Glad you guys found him.

    Abby was the same post surgery – she wanted to be out in the yard and wouldn’t come in. We were afraid to pick her up and hurt her, so we’d just leave her laying out there until she decided to come in. Luckily it was toooo cold back in October, since we’d just leave our front door standing open until she was ready to come in.

    Lucky’s adorable. Hope his treatment goes well!
    Jackie & Abby

  4. Ooooh fantastic news! I hope today was even better.

    We just love those folks at VCG, and we’re so glad you were able to see them. When we first met them we got such a great feeling from everyone there. It’s great to hear that others are having great experiences with them too.

    Tell us more about that trial if you do it, we definitely want to keep tabs on that.


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