Sleep-Sleepin’ Away

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Lucky’s home from the hospital! He had quite a bit of trouble getting to the car, but I think that was because of the drugs he’s been on. They had him on a Fentanyl drip up until this morning, so he’s pretty drugged out. When we got him home he immediately wanted to go out and pee, and so we helped him out with that. It took a lot of effort to get over to the grass to pee. His back legs were shaking a lot and he kept looking like he was about to lay down and rest, but eventually after stopping to rest after almost every step, he got to the grass and peed for longer than I’ve ever seen him pee before (I guess that’s a good sign).

Now he’s laying down in the house, and he’s been pretty still. He’s sleeping on and off, but I’m not really seeing much of the restlessness or obvious discomfort that people have described as side effects of the Fentanyl patch. Maybe I’m speaking too soon though. The doctors said that he was up whining and acting anxious all night (he often does that when we’re away), so maybe he’s just showing the extra fatigue from that. We did manage to get him to stand up and take feeble a hop or two a little bit ago, just to try to keep him moving a tiny bit, but it sure winded him.

The one thing that I’m not sure whether or not I should be worried about yet is his lack of desire to drink anything. He also won’t take his pills when we smother them in PB, but I was expecting a lower appetite (Tramadol time is coming up soon, so I need to figure out how to get it to him). His response to water is almost as if he’s hydrophobic. He wants nothing to do with it, and he wasn’t very happy when we tried to drip a little bit into his mouth. I just don’t want him to get dehydrated. Is this typical? Any advice on how to get him drinking a little bit?

Overall, Lucky’s doing well. We took a look at his scar, and I’m posting a picture below. There’s a little bit of bruising, but I think it looks pretty good at this point. We’re giving him lots of love and cuddles, and we’ve even gotten a little bit of tail wagging out of him! I’ll keep you updated. Thank you so much for your advice and support!

So happy to have Lucky home!

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6 thoughts on “Sleep-Sleepin’ Away”

  1. Yea for Lucky to be home. I’ve read about many pups who won’t eat or drink for awhile- of course if you are concerned call your vet.
    You might try flavored water- maybe the water from tuna or some broth (just watch the salt content!).
    He is probably feeling pretty funky from all the drugs- nothing may sound good to him for awhile.

    You might post your questions in the forums too- many more people respond there.

    Good luck with the recovery!!

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  2. Hi Jeff. Lucky may not be interested in water because of the IV fluids he was on. If he’s pretty pumped on internally from that, he really won’t need any water right away. The massive pee he did earlier shows he certainly had water inside his body.

    Last Friday was the big day for us. My dog was very unsteady when he began to urinate outside, and he still is. I think it’s one reason he refuses to go till he’s bursting. And I also think it’s normal. So being wobbly, needing to get strength in different ways to different muscles, feeling weird about not being able to lift a leg–all of it is part of the learning process.

    As for the pills, a lot of people have said they’ve had success burying them in a wad of liverwurst. I may go buy a roll of it tomorrow and try it out. My dog has figured out all the tricks and eats the goodies and leaves the pills. I’ve been just opening him up and shoving them down fast, but he hates that. Maybe try the liverwurst.

    Here’s to an uneventful and restful night for you all!

    Shari, Dakota’s wrangler

  3. Tail wagging is a good thing! We have always found the easiest way to give pills is to just place them down the back of the dogs throat. And for the water, try adding some beef or chicken broth.

  4. I also suggest low soduim chicken broth- or how about a ice cube? lLuckily, Kenmore takes his pills, or “treaties” like a champ- straight down.
    Glad Lucky is home & with family. Sounds like he is getting lots of love & care.
    hugs, mandy & Kenmore

  5. Try not to worry. It does sound like a pretty typical homecoming. Pink elephants will probably march on in sometime in the middle of the night and get Chance to start panting or whining. Sometimes they behave themselves though and don’t cause too much havoc.

    As for the water, those are all excellent suggestions. You can also try a light dose of Gatorade.

    Good luck this weekend. You sure timed his homecoming just right. Let us know if we can help OK?

  6. Great news your home!!! I didnt care much for water either and i ‘m the master of eating around pills!!! but my mom is the master of giving them to me so when i caught on to PB she buried them in pumkin, when i learned that one she put them in chicken, now we r on hot dog pieces which is pretty good stuff. I also take metacam and she squirts that in my mouth yuk!! and I now have a new shoe for my back paw which really helps when i walk. you take care, by the way i’m 9 years old and had mast cell tumors one on my leg(well the one i use to have) and one on my tummie and the scars to prove it!
    Who says you can’t teach an old dog a new trick!!!

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